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Supersnow truck refrigeration units KX-350K installed in Egypt
May 15, 2021
Supersnow truck refrigeration units KX-350K installed in Egypt

Supersnow is the largest professional manufacturer of transport refrigeration units in China, produce direct drive truck refrigeration unit, diesel unit, trailer unit, electric unit, for all kinds of refrigerated trucks and cargo vans.

SuperSnow KX-350K Direct Drive truck refrigeration unit from Kaixue is suitable for insulated truck bodies up to 4 meters in length, with internal volume from 15m3~25m3. Depending on box type, construction, insulation as well as product load and precooling, it is designed to be capable of maintaining -20degC at extreme ambient temperatures of up to +45degC, electric standby and heating is optional. Recently KX-350K installed in Middle East countries, Egypt with tropical climate, the temperature can reach -20degC shortly, customer is very satisfied with the performance.

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