Kaixue SuperSnowTrailer Freezer Unit KST-2000 installed
Jul 03,2020

Kaixue Supersnow trailer freezer unit is designed for 40ft truck body.
Three units are installed and delivered to customer today, the customer is very satisfied with the performance, the rest 18 units will be installed in next weeks.

Key Features

1. Original Perkins diesel engine, high performance and fuel efficient 2.2L displacement 4 cylinder diesel engine (2212cc or 135in3), 14.6L lubricating oil

2. High quality German 4 cylinder Bock compressor;

3. High volume 5880m3/hr and long throw 29m/s airflow fans ensure perfect temperature uniformity over 13.7 metre trailer lengths

4. Reliable electromagnetic clutch with belt fan drive to evaporator fans and condenser;

5. Stable and reliable mechanical drive transmission using electromagnetic clutch, fanshaft and pulley components;

6. 3000 hours maintenance interval;

7. Donaldson USA oil filters, fuel filter drier and efficiency engine air breather and filtration system;