Kaixue Cold Chain(Supersnow) provide covid vaccine and drug cold chain transportation solution
Dec 17,2020

Kaixue Cold Chain(Supersnow) provide vaccine and drug cold chain transportation solution

As COVID-19 spreads the world, it has given us a huge shock. It has profoundly changed the relationship between countries, even people’s lifestyle, work, consumption habit and so on. Chinese people's attention to medical disease control has also risen to an unprecedented level. Kaixue Cold chain transport plays an extremely critical role in this field of life and death.

Most vaccines and drugs are sensitive to temperature and must be stored in a temperature range of 2 to 8 degrees. The vaccines and drugs will be have risk failure if exceed this temperature range for more than half an hour. In the process of vaccine and drug delivery, once the vehicle or refrigeration equipment is damaged, and cannot be repaired or transferred within half an hour, vaccine and drug will be completely bad.

To ensure 100% vaccine and drug safety transportation, the backup refrigeration module must be capable of keeping the cargo within a safe temperature range for 4-6 hours after the failure of the main refrigeration unit or vehicle drive module, so can have enough time to waiting for rescue or transfer the cargo. 

Zhengzhou Kaixue Cold Chain Co., Ltd. organized technicians to tackle these pain points faced by the medical disease control system, and received on-site guidance from Mr.Jinxing Lu, secretary of theThe National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Mr. Yuan Zhou, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After more than half a year's efforts, repeated calibration and testing, the overall solution of double refrigeration systems for vaccine transportation has been successfully completed, and won the bid for the 2020 cold chain project 2020 of Shanxi CDC(Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Kaixue vaccine and drug special refrigeration unit has the following features:

·The standby electric unit is powered by its own 12V/24VDC battery directly. The refrigeration system is independent from the main refrigeration unit and the vehicle drive system

·The standby electric unit adopts frequency conversion electric compressor, intelligent logic control, high energy efficiency ratio, and maintains safe temperature range of more than 5 hours under +50℃ ambient environment

·The standby electric unit is equipped with standard heating, automatic constant temperature and accurate temperature control

·After the failure of the main refrigeration unit driven by vehicle engine, the standby electric unit will be automatically activated and its cooling capacity is equivalent to the main refrigeration unit

·The standby electric unit battery can be charged by the vehicle alternator during running. Meanwhile, the standby electric unit can also work normally when connect to AC220V electricity

·Optional remote control and CAN function for temperature tracking & monitoring due the rigid temperature

·Rooftop mount condenser streamline and ultra-thin design, specially for refrigerated vans

Advised operation notice for users

Check the backup power capacity weekly

Run the standby electric unit for 20 minutes at lest every month to ensure the normal operation of all parts

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