Kaixue Supersnow build new transport refrigeration equipment showroom for customers' visit
Jun 30,2020

Electric truck units is designed for all electric truck with high votage range from DC200V~700V

1. Integrated design, compressor and elecyrical parts are all locaed in condenser;

2. Constant cooling capacity, not affected by vehicle speed;

3. Ultra-thin evaporator, light weight and size to increase the loading capacity, large airflow, fast cooling;

4. Condenser adopts high efficient micro-channel coil, good heat change effect, light weight to reduce the battery consumption;

5. All electrical parts meet international IP65 or IP67 standard;

Diesel unit

Driven by Japan built, highly reliable Shibaura Perkins diesel engine, long life, low noise and fuel consumption, with electric standby when truck stops

Trailer unit

1. Original Shibaura-Perkins diesel engine, high performance and fuel efficient 2.2L displacement 4 cylinder diesel engine (2212cc or 135in3), 14.6L lubricating oil;

2. High quality German 4 cylinder Bock compressor;

3. High volume 5880m3/hr and long throw 29m/s airflow fans ensure perfect temperature uniformity over 13.7 metre trailer lengths;

4. 3000 hours maintenance interval;


Bus air conditioner, engine drive and electric for 5m~14m bus


Welcome customers to visit Supersnow Kaixue!