Display freezer maintenance strategy in winter?
Nov 30,2019

1. Don't stop using display freezer in winter. . Although the temperature is relatively low in winter, While the temperature is not stable, and the freshness effect of the food is not as good as the running temperature of the refrigerator.


2. Which is a normal phenomenon, If the display freezer or refrigerator does not running in winter, it is caused by low temperature in winter, and it takes a certain period of time to warm up.

3. When the display freezer or refrigerator fails to work, First check the power supply is faulty or not, Second check if the plug is not in good contact, or if the thermostat switch is turned off.


4. The food that has just been placed in the freezer or refrigerator is frozen. It may be caused by the temperature setting being too high, or the stored food may come into contact with the cold source on the back wall of the freezer, causing the food to freeze.

5.The reasons for insufficient freezing in the display freezer compartment are as follows: First, the ambient temperature of the freezer is lower than 10 °C; in another case, the food is stored too much, which causes the internal temperature of the refrigerator to rise.


6. Sometimes heard the sound of running water in the display freezer. This phenomenon is the sound of the refrigerant working, which is a normal phenomenon, please don't worry.

7. After using the display freezer for a period of time, some of the melted water drops and the residual juice of some commodities will be mixed together and flow to a water tray at the bottom of the freezer. If not cleaned for a long time, these mixtures will become moldy and give off a stinking smell. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the inside and outside of the freezer to remove the odor. You can also buy some deodorant to deodorize it in the refrigerator. Of course, there are many ways to remove the smell, such as the use of orange peel to deodorize, lemon deodorization, vinegar deodorization and so on. Choose the deodorant method that suits you, as long as you achieve your goals.