GEELY and Kaixue signed strategic cooperation agreement on refrigerated trucks
Aug 12,2020

GEELY & Kaixue signed strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai.

GEELY & Kaixue signed strategic cooperation agreement about the commercial refrigerated vechiles at the 12TH Global Cold Chain Summit in Shanghai.

A sudden outbreak of the COVID in 2020 is bound to remain in people's memory for a long time. With the gradual stability of the epidemic, China's cold chain logistics is waiting for an unexpected upsurge. This casual surprise and joy, let us Chinese cold chain people full of longing and expectation for the future.

The 12th world food cold chain summit held in Shanghai from Aug 5 ~ 7, the famous enterprises from home and abroad discussed how the world cold chain industry should respond to the development of the post-epidemic era, and discussed how automation, data link, Internet of Things and other high-tech will profoundly affect the future development direction of cold chain logistics.


Kaixue Supersnow showed the best-selling products, direct drive unit KX-600, full-electric unit KX-400EW, diesel unit KSD-1050 and trailer unit KST-2000, which have attracted public attention and strong momentum. The company's vice general manager Mr.Zou Ting, Mr.Zhu Gaopeng and colleagues from the sales team made a vivid and detailed introduction to the customers.

Kaixue Cold Chain, as the long-term loyal partner of China Cold Chain Logistics Committee, co-organized the summit welcome dinner with Geely Commercial Vehicle Company to welcome the global industry colleagues who have been affected by the epidemic with a grateful heart. Chairman of Kaixue Mr.Feng Renjun made warm welcome speech, he appreciated love and support on Kaixue from cold chain logistics committee and industry colleagues, also said Kaixue's products cover every link of the cold chain, especially on the development and manufacture of truck refrigeration units. In the future, Kaixue will make persistent efforts to develop products according to customers' requirements, so as to serve customers and give back to the society with a better attitude.

In 2015, Kaixue was the first to develop all-electric units suitable for new energy vehicles in China. After four years of practicing, Kaixue takes the lead in safety and stability, energy efficiency ratio, cooling-to-weight ratio, cooling speed and other indexes in China. The monoblock electric unit KX-400EW, designed specifically for urban distribution, has been particularly popular with Geely commercial vehicles. As the leading enterprises in their respective industries, the two sides believe that the combination of strong companies can better enhance their competitive advantages and decide to form a strategic partnership. On Aug 6, The strategic cooperation agreement of Geely was solemnly signed in the main venue of the summit. Chairman of Kaixue Mr.Feng Renjun and president Mr.Li Hongyan of Geely Commercial Vehicles signed on behalf of both parties.