Vice President of the National Association of Urban Farmers' Centers and Henan Business Investment Co., Ltd. visited Kaixue for research and guidance.
Jan 20,2019
On the afternoon of June 30, 2018, Jiang Bo, vice president of the National Federation of Urban Farmers' Centers, and General Manager Zhao Cong of Henan Business Investment Co., Ltd. visited the Kaixue Cold Chain.

Jiang Bo, vice president of the National Federation of Urban Farmers' Centers, and Zhao Cong, general manager of Henan Business Investment Co., Ltd., inspected the products produced by Kaixue cold chain in the Kaixue Cold Chain Exhibition Hall. Chairman Feng Renjun focused on the advantages of Kaixue cold chain layout cold chain transportation, cold chain end, first one kilometer and last one kilometer distribution cold chain equipment, and reported the current status of domestic cold chain
Dr. Zhang Chong from the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences explained the vacuum pre-cooling technology in the production workshop, and made leafy vegetables experiments such as lettuce and Shanghai Qing on the spot. Through pre-cooling technology, the vegetable temperature was lowered from 28 degrees to 3 degrees in 20 minutes; Technology is a pre-cooling equipment with low-cost, practical, intelligent and independent intellectual property rights. It solves the lack of domestic pre-cooling facilities, breaks the monopoly of foreign technology, guarantees the quality and safety of fresh agricultural products, and improves the post-harvest treatment of agricultural products. Level. The landing of this technology in Henan is of great significance for improving the added value of agricultural products in Henan, enhancing its market competitiveness, promoting the development of modern urban agriculture in Henan Province and increasing farmers' income.

The vacuum pre-cooling developed by Zhengzhou Kaixue and the Chinese Academy of Sciences makes the quality of agricultural products more secure. After two years of vacuum pre-cooling, using international leading technology, it has created a new realm of vacuum pre-cooling. By removing the heat from the field after picking the fruit trees, it quickly drops to the refrigerating temperature, minimizing the metabolism of fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing operating costs, extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, increasing farmers' income, etc. Cold chain equipment technology is the guarantee of fruit and vegetable quality, and farmers also increase income. The key technology. It is also in response to President Xi’s call, and the people’s longing for a better life is the goal of our party’s struggle.