China Railway lithium battery reefer container with Kaixue SuperSnow all electric unit has been successfully test
Jun 03,2020
China Railway Shanghai freight center held the "lithium battery refrigerator" first shipment ceremony in Yangpu station on May 29.

The Lithium battery reefer container with Kaixue SuperSnow truck refrigeration unit is transported by the train X9532 with speed 80KM/H, from Shanghai to Chengdu without stop, and real-time remote monitoring of the whole journey. Lithium battery reefer container has the advantages of safety and stability, temperature control of whole journey, and flexibility, which can greatly reduce the cold chain transportation cost and improve the market competitiveness. In the next step, China Railway will gradually organize large-scale transportation of lithium battery reefer container according to the results of trial operation.

This Lithium battery reefer container number CYZU0500011 started from Shanghai and destination is Chengdu China. The transported goods are frozen meat  imported from Spain.

Railway cold chain transportation is similar to road, The main line is rail transport, and the two ends transported by trucks to realize the door-to-door service.
At 6am, May 29 the staff at Yangpu station handled the related formalities, and Arrange the truck to ship the lithium battery reefer container to the customer's cold storage room for quick loading. At the same time, the Kaixue SuperSnow electric refrigeration unit can was started by the remote control system in time to ensure the quality and safety of the goods.
Then the reefer container backed to Yangpu station and carry out safety inspection, hoisting and other operations by the staff. After all operation, the reefer container is charged and waiting for next transportation.
Preparation before transportation: charge the lithium battery reefer container.

The reefer container with Kaixue SuperSnow all electric unit started at 12:52pm. May 30.   
After passing through seven stations of Nanjing, Wuhu, Hefei, Xinyang, Xiangyang, Ankang and Dazhou, it arrived at Chengxiang Station at 13:25, June 1, the whole journey lasting 48 hours and 33 minutes.

At 15:00, June 1, the staff at Chengdu station handled all relevant procedures of receiving and delivering goods. Under the professional guidance of the staff at Chengxiang station, they carried out the lifting, unloading and other operations, and lifted the lithium battery reefer container to the truck finally.

At 6:00am, June 2, the truck with the lithium battery reefer container started.

At 9:00am, the reefer container loaded with frozen meat arrived at customer’s factory safely on time. The successful inspection and delivery marks the success of the first commercial test of railway lithium battery reefer container.

Brief introduction about the railway lithium battery reefer container with Kaixue SuperSnow all electric unit:
Equipment: 45FT railway lithium battery reefer container
Serial number: CYZU0500011
Overall dimension(mm): L13716*W2550*H2896
Max. G.W.: 350000KGS
Equipment G.W.: 8700KGS
Max load weight: 26300KGS
Volume: 72.3m³
Box temperature range: -20℃ ~ +27℃
Speed: 33KM/H
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China(GPS)

Lithium battery power module: Visually displays the percentage of battery remaining power, and the battery voltage and current, also displays the safety value, alarm value and danger value, ensuring the accuracy and safety of the operation of the reefer container.

Reefer container ambient sensor module:
1.Rear temperature: It is the highest temperature when open the door, can set the required temperature depends on different goods, can realize by Kaixue SuperSnow transport refrigeration unit.
2.Inside temperature: Between the rear temperature and set point temperature, close the goods required temperature.
3.Inside moisture: Can adjust the moisture if there is requirement on the transported goods.
4.Doors opening: It can ensure the safety of closing the door; on the other hand, it can help judge the completion of loading and unloading according to the opening and closing situation of the door remotely.
5.Fresh air switch: Adjust the air A switch to regulate air flow into the reefer container.
Lithium heath module: The equipment parameters such as accumulative charge capacity, accumulative discharge capacity and battery health were recorded.

Transport refrigeration unit module: Can remote control unit start and stop, set the required temperature, the unit will automatically stop after reach the set point temperature, save energy.

Battery chamber temperature sensor module: Record the battery chamber temperature.

Equipment fault information sensor module: clear the risk of equipment fault, check the health status of equipment before and after delivery, can do timely repair if there is a fault.

GPS positioning system: Check the geographical location of the lithium battery reefer container at any time.