To reduce the frost on the back of supermarket freezer——Attention should be payed to
Nov 20,2019

The back of supermarket freezer is frosted or iced, mainly because the humidity inside of the freezer is relatively high. During the operation, the surface temperature of the evaporator inside the chamber is very low, then, the air and moisture will gather to the back of the refrigeration chamber to condensed into ice or frost. When the supermarket freezer stops working, the ice or frost will turn into water from the water outlet due to the rise of temperature of the freezer. Therefore, this phenomenon is normal. In summer, the air temperature is relatively high and the humidity is relatively large, the frost or ice inside of the freezer will be relatively heavy. In order to reduce the frosting or ice, please pay attention to the following points during use: 

(1) Pay attention to whether the drain is blocked by dirty things. If it is blocked, use a though-hole pin or other similar plastic rod to dredge.

(2)To minimize the number of opening doors and opening time of the supermarket freezer.

(3) After closing the door of the supermarket freezer, it is necessary to check whether the door is body is closed and prevent the door seal from leaking.

(4) There must be a certain gap in the food placed in the freezer, especially if the food is not near the back wall of the freezer